Wednesday, April 6, 2011

World's Best Teacher

My sweet Mr. Marquez was given his student teaching assignment today. Pleasant Grove Jr. High here we come! Hector was hoping to student teach at one of the local high schools, but I'm sure he will learn to love his little adolescents! Myself on the other hand am grateful that he is not teaching high school. High school is one wild ride, and in the words of my smart mother, "all the girls would be crushing on him."

I must say that Hector is one brave soul embarking on this teaching journey of his. He and I teach primary together once a week, and let me tell you, every Sunday is a challenge! With that being said, those kids are so adorable, and manage to melt my heart every class.

I am so grateful to have Hector in my life. I love waking up by his side every morning. I sure am one lucky girl. I know that someday he will truly earn the title, "World's Best Teacher." He'll even have the mug to prove it, I'll make sure of it!


Scott & Ali said...

super cute! we are way excited for mr. Marcus. the girls will crush on him wherever he goes! ps, can you imagine Hector dressing like a teacher? what is he going to wear? he will have to leave the crazy socks at home I'm afraid...

*~McGarys~* said...

YOu never know with little girls they crush on there teaches even when they are young:) haha Good for him. And you guys look great together! BUt I am sure you already know that;)