Sunday, August 7, 2011


Is it really the second week of August already? I am seriously slacking in the world of blogging. These summer months have flown by for us. Yesterday was Hector's last day as a car salesman, and will soon begin his student teaching. We are so excited to say goodbye to his car selling days! 

I was recently called to serve in the primary presidency and am truly enjoying this opportunity to serve. Outside of work and presidency meetings, I spend my spare time training for the Red Rock Relay. I am so ready for this race to be done and over with!  

Hector's mom, Carmen, came and visited us for a few days, and we had so much fun with her. We took her swimming, showed her the beautiful sights of Utah, and in return she gave us a new set of pots and pans and taught us how to make authentic enchiladas...they were delicious! 

This past week my family came and visited us. They treated us to dinner every night, took us to a fun water slide park, and introduced Hector to the world of fly fishing. We had a blast with them, and were sad to see them go! 

Tomorrow, Hector and I will have been married for seven months and have all of eternity to go. Life is great when you face each day with your best friend! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kelli, I know what you mean... every day I wake up is the best day of my life with Bishop beside me and knowing he will be there even when one of us departs this life first to meet me on the other side. We just celebrated 4 months and they have been the most joyous of my entire life. Love you girl! Debi King