Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Fun

Hector and I were spoiled this past weekend. We were fortunate enough to attend a prescreening of The Hunger Games, go snowmobiling, and attend a Tony Robbins seminar (and I might add, it was all free)!

Hector and I thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games. I may or may not have switched from team Peeta to team Gale...After the movie, we grabbed some sushi with friends. It's about time I learn how to use chopsticks so I don't embarrass myself next time we go out!

We went snowmobiling with my work at Daniels Summit in Heber, Utah. It was a first for both Hector and I. We did a three hour tour and drove all over the mountain! Hector was a little more daring than me and managed to flip his snowmobile, while I enjoyed cruising the trails at a leisurely pace.

Hector and I were invited to attend a four hour seminar by Tony Robbins - it was amazing! Sadly, I had not heard of him until the day of the seminar. He is a self help, motivational speaker and has an amazing success story. He lived on the streets as a teenager and sold cassette tapes for a living, and is now a multimillionaire and one of the top 50 business intellectuals in the world. He was so inspiring and enthusiastic. Hector and I left the seminar filled with new aspirations and goals. Unfortunately, his seminar tickets go for $500 plus dollars. We won't be going again anytime soon unless we are offered free tickets again!

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Allred Mom said...

Can't forget Sages & Hazel's birthday party! :)