Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hawaii - Day Four

Day Four - Sacred Falls Waterfall and Shark's Cove

Before driving up to the North Shore for the day, Hector and I stopped at Leonard's Bakery to stock up on some Malasadas for breakfast. Leonard's is a must stop if you are looking for some tasty deep fried pastries.

After breakfast, we started the journey to Sacred Falls Waterfall. Sacred Falls is an old state park that was closed down in 1999 after a fatal rock slide, but still receives many visitors (trespassers) each year.

After cutting through fields of banana trees and crossing a river, we finally found the hidden trail leading up to Sacred Falls. Once on the trail it was a simple 2 mile hike through the rain forest. We were the only hikers on the trail and admired the surrounding flora and fauna.

Once at the waterfall, which we had all to ourselves, we jumped off of rocks into the swimming hole, swam under the waterfall and got some sunbathing in. Sacred Falls was one of the top highlights of our trip, but we can't necessarily recommend it to anyone since it's closed down...

After the hike, we continued up North to get some shrimp tacos and snorkel at Shark's Cove. Shark's Cove is THE place to snorkel and it's free. After snorkeling here, we would never return to Hanauma Bay. We spent hours snorkeling at Shark's Cove and saw amazing marine life in the tide pools and bay.

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