Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hawaii - Day Six

Day Six - Laie, Shark's Cove, Haleiwa, Waimea, and Polynesian Cultural Center

Hector and I started the morning off with a trip to the Laie temple and visitor's center. The Laie Temple and grounds are so beautiful, and the visitor's center is full of the sweetest sister missionaries.

After the temple, we headed over to our favorite snorkeling spot at Shark's Cove and swam with turtles. Yes, we finally saw turtles while snorkeling and were thrilled!

For lunch we headed over to Haleiwa for some souvenir shopping, shrimp tacos, and Matsumoto's world famous shaved ice. Although Matsumoto's was good, we thought Kokonut's shaved ice was way better and you don't have to wait in line for 30+ minutes! We also bought some fresh fruit from a little stand on the side of the road. We tried dragon fruit for the first time and saw an avocado the size of a football!

Next, we headed to Waimea Beach for some swimming and sunbathing. Waimea is a great beach and is home to the famous Waimea rock. The line to jump off of the rock wrapped around the beach so Hector and I decided to not jump - maybe next time!

For dinner, Hector and I headed over to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a luau and night show. Unfortunately, we were not impressed with the food or night show. Considering it cost an arm and leg to experience the Polynesian Cultural Center, we would not recommend it to anyone.


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