Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

To my 9 "faithful" followers, I am back from my 10 month blogging hiatus - did you miss me? Stay tuned for some exciting updates. On a side note, Hector and I are loving all of the Fall colors Utah has to offer during this time of year. Last weekend we drove up Alpine Loop to snap some pictures and admire the beautiful landscape. Afterwards, we headed to Midway to stuff our faces with some carne asada tacos from Tarahumara - a must stop for anyone out that way.


scott and ali said...

yes! please start blogging again.

Hector and Kelli Marquez said...

I'm going to try and blog more frequently. I had fun reading through my past blog posts and it made me sad that I didn't document the last 10 months!