Thursday, June 26, 2014

32 Weeks

On Monday I hit 32 weeks and realized Hector and I are getting down to crunch time before baby girl arrives. I had a check-up yesterday and my doctor confirmed that baby girl is head down and right on track with growth and weighs approximately 4 lbs. She is super active and loves to stick her feet into my ribs.
We are still no where close to agreeing on a name for baby girl. Hopefully once we meet her a name will just fit, but I feel like it will be a miracle if we leave the hospital with a name picked out for her.  
Besides the nightly bathroom trip, I haven't had much trouble sleeping as long as I have my trusty body pillow. Poor Hector is cold every night so he sleeps with a comforter and I sleep with a light sheet and ice pack.      
My weekdays are spent sitting on a giant exercise ball at my work desk  and my weekends are spent tanning the baby bump and feeling weightless at the local pool or hanging out in the refrigerated produce section at Costco. I have a feeling swimming, Diet Dirty Cokes, and air conditioning will be my saving grace this summer. 

It's crazy to think I only have 8 weeks left of this crazy pregnancy journey, but at the same time 8 weeks feels like an eternity. I still need to decorate the nursery, wash/organize all of baby girl's clothes, preregister at the hospital, and buy a few more items, but overall I feel pretty prepared (as prepared as I can be) for baby girl's arrival!

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