Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty in Pink

My sweet sisters hosted a baby shower for me a few weeks ago and it was a huge success! All of the decorations were adorable and the food was delicious! I am so grateful to have such wonderful, supportive sisters! Baby girl made out like a bandit and got all sorts of awesome gifts.

For one of the games we played at the shower, Ali interviewed me and Hector and asked us a bunch of questions, and the guests had to guess which answers belonged to who.

What are you most looking forward to when the baby is born...

Hector - daddy daughter time/dates
Kelli - meeting her for the first time and seeing what she looks like

A placenta is...

Hector - the fluid that gets released at birth. I also believe it serves as a protective layer to the baby
Kelli - the gross looking thing that nourishes the baby during the pregnancy

How many diapers do you think you will change every day...

Hector - 3
Kelli - 6

How long will you wait until you have another baby...

Hector - 2 years
Kelli - 2 years

What do you do with a boppy...

Hector - you put it in a girl's hair
Kelli - it's some sort of pillow you use with the baby

Do you know how an epidural works...

Hector - when a woman is giving birth and she is the proper centimeters apart she can ask the Dr. for an epidural to relieve the pain. It is an injection placed in the lower back with a great big needle.

Kelli - the Dr. gives you a shot in the back with a massive needle to help with the pain

What do you hope your baby gets from your significant other...

Hector - I hope she gets Kelli's blue eyes
Kelli - I hope she gets Hector's dark features

 The thing you are least happy about giving up as a new parent...

Hector - sleep
Kelli - sleep

The baby milestone you are most looking forward to...

Hector - hearing baby laugh for the first time
Kelli - 1st birthday - it means we survived the first year

If I were naming my baby a crazy celebrity name, it would be...

Hector - Sharkeisha
Kelli - Kitty Purry Marquez

Photos by Alison Lalor Photography

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Scott & Ali said...

so fun-everything was so cute!