Thursday, August 7, 2014

38 Weeks

With just 10 days left until my due date I am still dilated 1.5 cm, 80% effaced, and baby girl is weighing in at approximately 6 lbs. My doctor stripped my membranes yesterday morning to try and jumpstart labor, but still no sign of baby. The last week has been so hard since my whole body is covered in an itchy rash and heartburn is at an all time high. There have been a lot of tears shed over the past few days and poor Hector is probably just as anxious as I am for me to not be pregnant anymore! I've tried really hard to remain positive throughout this whole pregnancy journey since I know so many couples struggle with infertility and I don't want to take this experience for granted, but these past couple of weeks have been so trying!

On a more positive note, the Sales Team at work threw a going away party for me today and it was so fun. We grilled up some steaks and chicken and chatted the afternoon away over good food. At the end of the barbeque I received gift cards to Target and The Cheesecake Factory along with a personalized BlenderBottle. I've been so blessed to work with such an amazing, supportive group of people!

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