Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hawaii - Day Two

Day Two - The Mokes

Hector and I rented a tandem kayak and paddled out to The Mokulua Islands. We launched our kayak from Lanikai beach and started the hour long journey with our camera in tow. We packed our camera in a dry bag and strapped it to the back of the kayak. Maybe we were stupid to pack our brand new Nikon DSLR onto a kayak and paddle out towards open sea, but I am so glad we did - we got some amazing shots.

After Hector and I finally managed to learn how to paddle in sync (not an easy task for us) and make it past the break, we were home free. We landed right on shore of the first island and admired the breathtaking views of Kailua and the surrounding beaches and mountains.

After taking a quick dip in the water, we began our hike around the island to the backside. The backside of the island is famous for a large swimming hole and rocky shorelines perfect for cliff diving - not that we were planning on diving off of any cliffs taller than 20 feet.

When we arrived to the swimming hole, there were just a few locals swimming and jumping off of the cliffs. We hiked to the top of the lowest cliff and took turns jumping into the water below.

Our day trip out to The Mokulua Islands was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and would recommend it to everyone!

The Mokulua Island (The Mokes)

View of Kailua from The Mokes

Hiking to the swimming hole.

Swimming hole - far right corner.

Hector taking the plunge.

Heading back towards shore.

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Scott & Ali said...

Great pics. So glad you guys had such a wonderful trip. You are the best!