Friday, October 5, 2012

Utah vs. USC

Last night Hector and I went to the Utah vs. USC game with Scott and Ali. Hector is one of the biggest USC fans around and was thrilled to find out a family friend plays for USC and could get us tickets to the sold out game.

Hector insisted on buying a USC shirt for the game and proudly displayed it all night long, refusing to wear his jacket despite of the cold temperatures - Ali and I benefited from this and used his jacket as a blanket to keep warm.

If Hector were writing this post, it would probably sound more like an ESPN article, but I'm the blogger of the family, and unfortunately, I couldn't tell you one thing about what happened at last night's game - I was too busy catching up with my sister and drinking hot chocolate!

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Scott & Ali said...

Love this! Loved last night! It was a perfect activity for us. We could just hang while the boys were in the best moods ever.