Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend Coach Marquez was out of town for a basketball tournament so I had Sage and Dallin (my cute niece and nephew) over for a sleepover! We had McDonald's for dinner. Believe it or not, that was my suggestion - a large Diet Coke for only a dollar, yes please! Plus you can't go wrong with a Happy Meal for the kiddos.

After dinner we stopped by the grocery store to pick out a Redbox and treats. Dallin picked out a king size Twix and Sage picked out a Blue Raspberry mega sucker. Once home, we watched the move Coraline and read books.

The following morning, the kiddos decided to wake up at 7:30am so I set them up on the iPad with cartoons and then went back to bed. Around 8am, I heard them whispering at the door, debating about whether or not to wake me up because they were hungry - doughnuts anyone? We loaded up in the car dressed in our pj's and grabbed some chocolate milk and doughnuts then headed back home for some more cartoons and bath time.

After they got out of the bath, Sage begged for a makeover. We curled her hair, put on some blush and lip gloss and painted her nails - she is such a girly girl!

Yes, I may have fed the kids a little bit too much sugar and let them watch cartoons for a little bit longer than neccesary, but hey, that's what being an aunt is all about...just don't tell their mother!