Thursday, July 24, 2014

36 Weeks

At 36 weeks I am dilated to 1 cm, 70% effaced and baby girl is approximately 6 lbs. and head down. My doctor things she might come early which would be a dream. My original due date was 8/11 so I'm hoping baby girl comes anytime between then and my current due date of 8/18 and not a day later! It's crazy to think that next Monday I will be considered full term. Sometimes it feels like I've been pregnant forever, but now that the end is in sight I feel like it's flown by. Hector and I are so anxious to become a family of three and snuggle with our sweet little girl.

Yesterday the first set of Etsy goodies for baby girl arrived at our front doorstep. I think I have a serious online shopping addiction when it comes to all things baby. Seriously though, headbands, hair bows, leggings, and moccasins get me every time. It's time to brush up on my sewing skills since it would be so simple to make most of these items and every time Hector and I visit his family in LA we stop by the fashion district and I drool over all of the fabric. I found the most beautiful blessing gown for baby girl over the weekend, but the asking price was a little high so I sent the picture to my mom and she is going to make it for me. It will be so special to have a blessing gown made by my sweet mom for our little girl that can be passed down the generations as a family heirloom.

Baby girl, we love you so much already and can't wait to meet you. Please don't make us wait too much longer!

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Scott & Ali said...

cute!!!! im so excited. it would be awesome if she came early, but if not, enjoy the time you have just as a couple!